Our Mission

Mission Statement

To bring about a community in which youth reject substance use, adults utilize low risk choices regarding substance use, and treatment services are available to those in need.

Why is this a problem?

The Pitt County Coalition on Substance Use (PCCSU) was established out of the Eastern North Carolina Council on Substance Abuse (ENCCSA) in the fall of 2002 as a new sector of the community battling against substance abuse. The PCCSU is comprised of individuals, member agencies and organizations providing prevention, treatment and enforcement services for Pitt County residents of all ages. Parents, youth, and members of the recovering community are members of the PCCSU. The media, faith-based and business communities, civic and volunteer groups, government officials, and other organizations involved in reducing substance use are represented on the Coalition.

How is PCCSU Organized?

  • Board of Directors: The executive committee oversees the projects and goals of the following sub-committees:
  • Education & Prevention: Educating people of all ages on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-use prevention.
  • Youth: Youth plan and coordinate activities and assist in the distribution of materials. They also participate in trainings to further their knowledge and understanding of environmental strategies (those things pertaining to changing community norms around alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs).

Area of Focus

The PCCSU hosted forums, conducted focus groups, and interviewed individuals to identify these important issues related to substance use:


  1. Greater need for increased parental awareness and overall education about substance use or misuse.
  2. Socio-cultural influences on substance use or misuse.
  3. The negative impact of substance use on neighborhoods, schools, families and individuals.


    There is great need for community engagement and a more targeted focus on substance use as more outside influences are affecting our youth and their families. We are committed to creating an open dialogue to diminish the stigma of substance use, the impact it has on our community and what we can do to create greater awareness and increased prevention for youth and adults. Through our community engagements we are able to reach a large number of families and help break down any walls that may have formed through a lack of awareness from within the families. Not only is our goal to create awareness, but to provide a place where individuals will have the resources necessary to meet their specific needs.

    PCCSU Strives to Include

    • Youth
    • Parents
    • Business Community
    • Media
    • Schools
    • Youth Serving Organizations
    • Law Enforcement
    • Spiritual Organizations
    • Civic and Volunteer Groups
    • Healthcare
    • State and Local Government
    • Other Organizations Involved in Reducing ATOD Use

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